Class reunions are age-old pageants for social comparison and preserving the status quo. But what is their social function in 2020?

I am not American, but the idea of high school reunions has always fascinated me. In popular culture, the class reunion is more often than not depicted as an American tradition. Having grown up watching American film and television, I came to understand high school reunions as the quintessential product…

Career limbo offers some surprising benefits.

Ever been stuck in career limbo?

Ever taken a job that you thought was ‘beneath’ you?

Ever cringed when hearing that tired anecdote about the recession-battered millennial-aged PhD working at Starbucks for the zillionth time?

For a busy, Type-A personality like mine, floating in career limbo can be a disheartening…

The pandemic has had some pretty strange effects on material culture, consumer behavior, and our relationship with stuff. From coronavirus-themed novelties and the material comforts of lockdown to the pandemic artifacts that are now stock-standard props in our daily lives, we’re rapidly defining a new, pandemic-era visual canon that pivots…

In 1838, scarcely a year into Queen Victoria’s reign, writer William Howitt predicted that a ‘leisure revolution’ would soon be underway in Britain. It came far sooner than he thought.

After decades of hard toil building infrastructure and servicing a manufacturing boom that resulted in an industrialized Britain, the people…

Aimee Dyamond

writing person | occupational therapist | never seen a ghost. I write about food, weird histories, human behavior, and our lives under late capitalism

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