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  • Aonghus Shortt

    Aonghus Shortt

    Co-Founder and CEO of FoodMarble

  • Mansi Bhagwate

    Mansi Bhagwate

    Founder of Make your Mark Occupational Therapy Services. Mobile, Outpatient, Nature-based, OT in Philadelphia and surrounding regions. www.makeyourmarkot.com

  • Tracey


    Reader. Writer. Radiohead listener. Coffee lover. Morning hater. Always procrastinating. Say hello traceydwriter@gmail.com

  • Razane


    A 20-something global citizen and polyglot writing about Personal Development, Feminism, and Mental Health. Available for writing jobs: razanecherk@gmail.com

  • Ellen Nguyen

    Ellen Nguyen

    Dating Course https://learn.ellennguyen.com | Psychology BSc. Editor of LovefulMind.com, empowering women.

  • Yadav Singhapur

    Yadav Singhapur

    أنا كاتب وصحفي شاب متعطش للحياة!

  • Georgia J RICHEY

    Georgia J RICHEY

    MarketingManager, eager to discover the world, and share the journey with you.

  • Peggy Moss

    Peggy Moss

    Author of Say Something, Our Friendship Rules and One of Us. Mostly writing poetry for Medium. Secretly writing non-fiction at home.

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